About us


We bring you Holy and Apostolic greetings from God our Father through Christ Jesus our Lord.  We thank God for our Pontiff Charles R. Hill, Sr for the opportunity to serve God with His leader.  We developed an infrastructure, through prayer and faith in God, to bring forth the vision of the Founder and Dean Pontiff Charles R. Hill, Sr.  Ancient Faith University is an accredited bible university with the support of St. Micheals University that provides a degreed program to further the education of the Bishop and Bishops in training.  Antioch Bible College and Seminary, New Jersey and the Ancient Faith Seminary, UK comes together to form our university system.  We look forward to providing substantive training in biblical studies, theology, divinity, psychology, social work and finance all in one easily accessible location.  It will allow us to extend education to our Bishops that is relevant to the ever-changing times.  This is Ancient Faith; the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints, the same faith the Apostles spoke about.