Honorary Doctorate Program

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Saint Micheals Christian University is joined with Ancient Faith College of Bishops to provide individually tailored Degree Programs to fit a particular academic, ministerial and theological requirement.  Together we offer quality training and educational programs, along with reasonable tuition and fees.  All courses, programs and curriculum are geared toward the spiritual, biblical and theological developement of all students.  "All of our courses are firmly grounded in solid biblical and theological teaching."


Licentiate In Sacred Theology - https://stmicheals.school/licentiate-in-sacred-theology/

"The Licentiate in Sacred Theology is provided in conjunction with the various Archdiocese, Diocese and Provinces of the Ancient Catholic Church (Global) and is adminsitered in European-style. Each of the major disiplines requires the study and research of several text, along with academic papers consisting of specific requirements.  Throughout the program, the student is required to present themselves before the Colloquy for critique and evaluation of academic progress."


Note: some courses require the student to attend brief Resident Intensives and Symposiums, which will be listed under our "Events/Symposiums" tab.