Provincial Archbishop

Vernon W. Huffman PhD.

Provincial Chancellor of Regents


Provincial Archbishop Vernon W. Huffman is the Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Covenent Church and Ministries and Senior Pastor of Alpha Omega Fellowship Ministries.  He has studied theology and ministry at American Bibie University,  Bethel Bible Seminary and Psychology at Ohio University.    

Archbishop Cardinal

D. E. Chase PhD. OSP



Archbishop D.E. Chase the founding Patriarch and Presiding Prelate of the Abyssinian Apostolic Church and Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Cathedral.  Archbishop Chase is a native to New Jersey and is now the organizer, developer and Establishmentarian of our National Cathedral.  

Supreme Pontiff

Charles R. Hill, Sr PhD
Founder and Dean 


Pontiff Charles R. Hill, Sr enjoys the Lord, people and building relationships.  He obtained his doctored at Suffield University majoring in Theology along with Psychology.  He has planted over 500 churches within the past 48 years of service to the Lord.  



Vivian Huffman, PhD.





Tyler E. Ross

Board of Regents


Monsignor Tyler Ross is the Vicar for the St. Stephens Diocese, he attended the Christ Life Theological Seminary in Mount Vernon, NY.  Monsignor Tyler E. Ross is a native of the Empire State, has always had a passion for God, music and ministry.  


M. Anthony E. Edwards

Board of Regents


Angelique Hill, BSW, DD

Board of Regents


Bishop Angelique Hill is a consecrated Bishop who serves as the Outreach Director at the Holy See.  She is social worker and Licensed Clinical Therapist.  She is passionate about reaching as many people as she can to share the love of Christ.  



Metropolitan Archbishop

Marlon E. Cleft, Sr,

Board of Regents


Presiding Prelate Sacred Ecumenical College of Apostles and Bishops.